It’s cold outside but the fishing is hot

Been fishing from the Oar House the last few weeks and have had some great fishing even in the cold. Recently caught 17 blues, big fish of the day were 35 pounds, 31 pounds, and 27 pounds. Had a guide trip where we ended up with 15 total with big fish being 16 pounds. Fish are staged in the deep holes but the active feeding fish are being caught transitioning from the deeper water to the ledges in the afternoons. The bite is light even on the big fish due to the low metabolism in 37 degree water. Shad are also in the deeper holes schooled up suspended.   With the inconsistent weather, the fishing pattern should hold, but as soon as we get some steady warm sunny days they will be moving to the shallow flats feeding heavy on shad.

–Chris Jones, Catfish Pursuit

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