Big Cavern Lodge

Welcome to Big Cavern Lodge Hunting Lodge.

DSCN1220This unique hunting operation is based out of an original backwoods Missouri log cabin which turns 100 years old this year, 2015,and was developed into a World Class Blue-ribbon hunting property.

Big Cavern Lodge is located on 700 acres of rolling fields and woodland in the heart of scenic Pulaski County in South-Central Missouri. Deer and turkey are abundant across the property.  Brassica, rape, chicory, turnips, wheat and clover are reseeded annually to help produce strong, healthy trophy bucks and gobblers.  The property boundary is completely fenced, with an ever-expanding network of four-wheel trails designed with ATVs in mind.

We employ Quality Deer Management tactics, and have established expansive food plots and two sanctuaries – off-limits areas encompassing more than 140 total acres that are restricted from humans.  This space has become the key to trophy deer production on the land.

Big Cavern Hunting Lodge 37

An added bonus to this unique property – it’s honeycombed with an extensive limestone cave system.  The Big Cavern Lodge was named after the largest of the caves, which is home to a substantial winter population of the endangered Indiana Bat.

The largest cave has many branches even the owners have never explored. The Great Room, Fang Hall, Bruce’s Branch and Death’s Drop are just a few of the names they have given to the different subterranean rooms and passageways they have discovered.

Local folklore tells how Jesse James was chased into the cave, which the authorities  then dynamited as part of an attempt to forever seal him inside. While there is evidence of a cave-in of one branch off the main cavern, you can still access this branch from another tunnel, possibly explaining how he could have escaped.

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